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December 06-07-08, 2023

Revel in traditional heritage

December 06-07-08, 2023

BasCon 6.0

Revel in traditional heritage

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BasCon 6.0









Stage shows
Ponu dance
Nyida Parik
Mopin Popir
The making of Poka- rice wine
A folk singer performance
tribal homestay
Couple performing rituals
Separation of husk
Community Fishing at BasCon 3.0

Basar Confluence


The misty hills and the serpentine rivers whispers the legends of Abo Tani- the mythical forefather of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. Come witness a spectacular ethno-cultural festival of the resplendent tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, set in the backdrop of a quaint hilly valley.

A confluence of the unique tribal art, culture & heritage- BasCon is the gateway to step into a magical world that lies beyond the reach of time & influence of modernity. 

Confluence - 10x10' copy_edited.png
Confluence - 10x10' copy_edited.png
Confluence - 10x10' copy_edited.png
Confluence - 10x10' copy_edited.png
Confluence - 10x10' copy_edited.png

BasCon 6.0


Groove into the folk songs, folk fushion and songs of all genres when the the stage for BasCon is ablaze with the rocking artists and performers.

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Folk dance

North East India boasts of the most fascinating and spectacular cultural performances, from the goose bumping Nyida Parik (marriage ceremonial dance) of the Galos, the Tapu dance (valor dance) of the Adis, to the snow lion dance of the Buddhist tribes that's spread over the western and eastern region of the state. Ever heard of the head hunter Noctes ? Vibe in with the tribal folk dances and dramas of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh.


A plethora of salivating local dishes to sizzle your taste buds. What's even better, it is organic and sourced directly from the forests. Bamboo shoots, delicacies steamed in leaf or bamboo tumblers along with herbs, barbecue, and the Amin- a popular Galo dish will keep you appetized and full. The menu goes long. Come and taste the magical potion Poka- the popular rice wine of the Galos. Exotic dishes and beverages from the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are aplenty at the BasCon food stalls.

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Traditonal Community Fishing

Long before nets and hooks were introduced, the indigenous people practiced various fishing techniques that developed with intuition & careful observation of fish behavior. Lipum & Pakam, are fishing techniques which involves cultivating the fish in the river with habitations made of stone and logs stacked together carefully. The coveted sporting fish Mahseer is abundant in the pristine waters of Basar. Spear fishing, prawn foraging, the Taam diinam (herbal intoxication) are some of the popular fishing methods. Let loose the sports inside you during the Traditional Community fishing at BasCon.

Trekking & Sight seeing

Enter the thick forest and the forest will do the job it is best at. Let the forest absorb your stress. The dense forest of Basar are replete with countless species of birds, insects, plants and animals of all kind. Soak in the fresh air & the sublime ambience of the pristine surroundings at Leparada. Climb atop the vantage Odi Putu, EB Project hill that offers magnificent view of the valley or trek to Bumchi waterfall- a trekking that follows through a stream that cuts through dense forests, the Bat cave Tapen Penru at Padi, the mesmerising Diime Diite waterfall at Pagi or for the adrenaline junkies, Joli, the home of the Yapoms where forest spirits used to pelt stones at passerby.

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Traditional & Adventure sports

The tribes were precision hunters who once used bow and arrows, spears to hunt down animals. Although no longer in use, the archers will show their sporting skill at the traditional sports competition. Come and see how well you fare with the people. Partake in the most entertaining Geppe abnam, Babo renam, Pole climbing, tug of war, Nyim Bitla jukka hinam. 

Fuse some adrenaline into your bloodstream with adventure sports like ATB rides, Hot Air Balloon, Paramotors.

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Reaching Basar

Arunachal Pradesh is a protected state under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act, Any non-resident of the state irrespective of whether he/she is a citizen of India or a foreigner, is mandatory under the law to obtain permission from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to enter its territory. Indian citizens require Inner Line Permit (ILP) while foreigners are required to obtain Protected Area Permit (PAP). The ILP/PAP has to be produced in all the entry points (check gates) The ILP can be obtained in person by visiting the office of the district administration/Tourist Facilitation Centre or online through while the protected area permit for foreign visitors can be obtained via contacting any tour operator that is registered with the Department of Tourism, Government of Arunachal Pradesh. (Contact Duyu Tamo Tour Operator for PAP- +91-9436044905/+91-6009112795). Indian Visitors can obtain their ILP from the Tourist ILP Facilitation Centre, Likabali, Lower Siang.

The nearest Airport to Basar is located at Dibrugarh city in Assam- Mohanbari Airport,120 kms or 4 hours drive away from Basar. Dibrugarh is just 40 kms or an hours drive away from Likabali in Lower Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh where the ILP/PAP ought to be produced in the entry point also known as check gate. Travellers can hire a a cab from Dibrugarh to reach Basar. Contact (+91-9859468178) in Dibrugarh for booking cab/SUV . The nearest Railways is Silapathar Railway Station in Assam, about 4 kms away from Likabali. 

Book Your Accommodation



Get a more intimate experience with the warm and hospitable Galo hosts at a Homestay of your own preference. 



Stay at a Camp at the pristine locations and vibe with co-campers with Jamming, dance, music. Poka (local rice wine)and barbeque will make sure you have a memorable stay.

Hotel Key


Rego Palace- +91 8135984987

Hotel Liba- +91 6909124783

Hotel Mansiri- +91 8414018682

Lijum Toter- +91 9612504291



Important contacts

   Dibrugarh Cab Service- +91 9859468178

   Likabali Tourist Facilitation Centre- +91 8974392490 (For ILP)       

                          Police Station Basar- +91 7085127755                        

 BasCon Helpline: +91 7085800218

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