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About Basar

Basar, the headquarters of the Leparada district of the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India is a picturesque valley nestled in the gentle sloping hills of the lesser Himalayas. The indigenous tribe Galo primarily inhabits the area. Thick deciduous forests covers the hills that surrounds the town, and are home to a diversity of wildlife.

Climate & Topography


The natives of Basar are Galo tribe, one of 26 major tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The population is estimated to be around 20000, spread over 4 administrative circles namely Basar, Tirbin, Sago, and Dari which is constituted by dozens of rustic tribal villages. The people primarily practice agriculture, Wet Rice Cultivation in the fertile valleys and Jhum (Shifting) cultivation in the mountains. The Galo tribe is primarily animists that revere the forests & spirits and numerous entities. Donyi-Polo (Sun-Moon) is the principal Indigenous religion, however, a major chunk of the natives follows Christianity. Mopin is a festival celebrated by the Galos during the month of April for good harvest and prosperity.

Situated at an elevation of 700 metres above the mean sea level, Basar has a pleasant weather albeit a bit on the colder side during the winters. The maximum temperature recorded is 39 degree celsius. At winter nights(December- February), the temperature can drop to 4 degree celsius. As such, the weather requires that one bring sweaters and jackets for warmth while visiting Basar. The sun usually shows up in the valley after 10 am in winters owing to thick fog formation in the valley.

The climate is subtropical. The Indian monsoon rains that onsets in June plummets the valley till it recedes on October. The hills that surrounds the valley are gentle with vegetation cover that is evergreen throughout the year. Basar is primarily drained by three rivers, Kidi, Hie and Bam hile, all of which have its origin in the hills nearby. It is in these rivers where the Galo people have been practicing their traditional methods of fishing. 

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